USB Clothes Washing Machine


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Having problems with washing your clothes while traveling?Our USB Clothes Washing Machine willmake your journey easier! This convenient,pocket-sized travel companionallows you to travel lighter andhelps you save money, time and water.Its equipped withultrasonichigh-frequency vibrationswhichhelp speed up the cleaning process.Weighing less than142g (~5oz.)thisultrasonic turbine washing machineisa modern take on the old fashioned washboard and cancarry up to1kg laundry weight.Works as an independent washing machine framethat can be placed on the bottom of the barrel and itstwice as effective as hand washingand a lotmore hygienic than a dirty hotel sink.Over100,000 travelers, campers, backpackers, hikers, and holidaymakers have experienced firsthand the quality wash of our USB Clothes Washing Machine.Never worryabouthaving only enoughclean clotheson the road again!


  • ULTRASONIC STERILIZATION.High-frequency ultrasonic cavitation with sterilization function, forward and reverse cleaning with a turbine. Very suitable for cleaning close-fitting clothes. Carefully cleaning ensures that your clothes would not deform.
  • INTELLIGENT CHIP CONTROL.30 minutes auto shutdown, 15 seconds timing positive and negative switching, 5 minutes ultrasonic and turbine switching. Every detail is improved with intelligent chip control.
  • LOW NOISE.45dB low noise design, not disturbing your rest or sleeping.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY.Made of eco-friendly material, non-toxic, firm and wear-resistant.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE.Coming in a portable and compact size, it is easy to carry, enabling you to wash your clothes anytime and anywhere.
  • 1KG LAUNDRY CAPACITY.Capable of washing 1kg of clothes every time.
  • WIDE APPLICATION.Also suitable to wash fruit, vegetables, jewelry, baby items, kitchen utensils, etc.